Do GreenPAK devices use I2C clock stretching?


GreenPAK devices such as SLG47004V and SLG46826G use I2C slaves for programming and for normal operation.

Do these I2C slaves use I2C clock stretching?  I couldn't find any reference in the datasheet.


  • For some GreenPAK devices (including the SLG47004 and the SLG46826), the SCL pin is documented to be an input (not input/output). Therefore, there can be no clock stretching on those devices.

    For other GreenPAK devices (such as the SLG46538), the SCL pin is documented to be input/open drain output. For those devices, clock stretching cannot be ruled out from reading the datasheet.

  • Thanks @klamm, the output only is a good observation.

    Renesas, can you please confirm that the rest of the GreenPAK family also doesn't use I2C clock stretching?

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