SLG47105 rechargeable electronic screwdriver


We are interested in using the SLG47105 to manage a DC motor.

This motor must operate in both directions, this can be selected using two switches. It is necessary that the DC motor is able to supply all the torque it can give. It would be interesting to have the integrated controller monitoring the current supplied to the motor and if it sees that it is excessive, cut the power supply.

The system should be powered by a 3.7 V lipo battery The component should also manage the load of the battery when it reaches a certain level and stop the load when it detects that it has been fully charged. 

We have seen some documents published by Renesas about this integrated with similar applications (AN-CM-364 Rechargeable Electric Screwdriver), but we need support on how to use this configuration we need.

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    As per the information , you have raised the ticket . Concern team will help you.



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    I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello,

    While I wait for help, I have purchased an SLG47105V DIP Proto Board to try to move forward with development.

    I have downloaded the configuration of all the registers of the SLG47105 electronic screwdriver example by exporting the NVM via a CSV file. I uploaded this file to the module via I2C commands and managed to get the module working with the buttons, LEDs and a DC motor. The operation is not perfect, but I understand that it is normal since it is not totally adjusted to what I am looking for.

    However, the biggest problem I find is that when I remove the power and reset the module, all the values saved in the register are erased. 

    What could this be due to? Is there a register that I should configure so that the writing of the registers is maintained? 

    Thanks in advance.