Error wen building Whitebox SDK v5.0 for spider


I am following file to build Whitebox SDK for spider (

So, in the first build reported error such as:

My step:

- Step 1: Setup

Save the downloaded file ( in the "tool" folder and execute the following command

cd whitebox-sdk/tool
cp <download directry>/ .

- Step 3: Build cd whitebox-sdk ./ spider
I have checked "" file and I see this file have a condition to find "*ICUMX_Loader_and_Flashwriter_Package_for_R-Car_S4_Starter_Kit_SDKv*.zip" file in /tool directory, but I can not see it in /tool directory. What any information about this ?

Thank you for your support, If you have any question for me, let me know it.

Huy Nguyen