Flashing instructions - CR7 running FreeRTOS and CA57 running Yocto Linux


I try to tailor for my needs and flash the FreeRTOS based demo software (initially released for Salvator-X board) on my RCAR H3 Premier Starter Kit (8 GiB).
(Eventually I'll reduce the project to a basic FreeRTOS with console support, running on the starter kit, therefore I try to get support in the first phase here in the cockpit forum)
The "R-Car Series, 3rd Generation R-Car Gen3 CR7 FreeRTOS Software" Release Note, rev 4.00 document (1) provides just a very brief info about the offsets, no other details about the flashing procedure.

"The following offsets can be used to flash the images:
bootparam_sa0.bin 0x000000
cr7_loader.bin 0x040000
cert_header_sa3.bin 0x0C0000
bl2-salvator-x.bin 0x140000
cert_header_sa6.bin 0x180000
bl31-salvator-x.bin 0x1C0000
tee-salvator-x.bin 0x200000
u-boot-elf.bin 0x640000
cr7_os.bin 0x740000"

The elinux.org/.../H3SK chapter gave me the idea that the xls2 command might be used to flash the above mentioned CR7 software:

"Filename Program Top Address Flash Save Address Description
bootparam_sa0-4x2g.srec 0xE6320000 0x000000 Loader(Boot parameter)
bl2-h3ulcb-4x2g.srec 0xE6304000 0x040000 Loader
cert_header_sa6-4x2g.srec 0xE6320000 0x180000 Loader(Certification)
bl31-h3ulcb-4x2g.srec 0x44000000 0x1C0000 ARM Trusted Firmware
tee-h3ulcb.srec 0x44100000 0x200000 OP-Tee
u-boot-elf-h3ulcb-4x2g.srec 0x50000000 0x640000 U-Boot"

The build process described in (1) even provides the *.srec versions of the CR7 files:


Is the xls2 command suited to flash the CR7 software? If yes, could you provide please the two required parameters "Program Top Address" and "Flash Save Address" for the above mentioned sections.

Any additional hint/detail/help to accomplish the flashing part of my task is welcome.

Thank you!