Writing to CSHI0 registers on RH850/P1HC

I am trying to write to CSHI0  registers CTL0,1 and 2 and CFG registers to configure CSHI0 spi communication after setting up the registers when i view the memory location in the multi debugger the values are not reflecting and i am not getting any output. While my port configuration registers values are reflected in the debugger. So, can you help me how to write to these registers to up my spi communication?

  • Hello Dave 

    Thankyou for you support, I was able to establish my communication.

    Just wanted to know one more thing. I need to integrate a middleware RTOS layer for my project and I am currently using ghs multi as SDK. So, what are the steps to integrate RTOS over RH850 P1HC?

    I am trying to use OSEK OS for my project. Is it possible to integrate OSEK OS on P1HC and what is the procedure i must follow to at least run a single task on RH850?

    Also, suggest if any free RTOS we can use here and if any sample drivers are available for the same.



  • Most RH850/P1x applications are automotive and require AUTOSAR, which has to be purchased from 3rd party supplier.  You should investigate Vector, Elektrobit, etc. for such solutions.  There are no Renesas provided drivers for any free RTOS.

  • Hello Akshay

    As Jim stated there are many 3rd party OS vendors supporting RH850/P1H-C.  Each vendor has documentation detailing what is necessary for proper integration of their OS.

    There is FreeRTOS but you would have to port it specifically to P1H-C.  This is not something that is supported by Renesas.

    Below are some links about this activity someone did for a RH850. 



    In the future I suggest you start a new thread for new topics.


  • Hello Dave

    Thanks for the links and support for the RTOS. I was able to configure TOPPERS/OSEK kernel for my SoC. I need to configure CAN module also and i don't have a proper reference code for P1HC. And, I am trying with the UM but facing issue if you can help with the implementation procedure only for the loopback or even a sample driver for CAN would do.


  • HI akshay how did ypu solved the spi clock issue i have same problem,i am using rh850f1k  controller i am new to this renesas mcu ,not bale to configure SPI protocal   in code configuration in CS+ studio.