Issues with Blink LED code to work after using smart configurator on RH850/F1x starter kit

I'm trying to understand how the smart configurator works in CS+, and am having issues with getting code to initialize in the main function. I used the smart configurator for the R7F701709 (Which I believe is the correct MCU for the starter kit), and noticed that none of the C files in the general folder are being initialized. I initialized both PORT and UART pins with the configurator. I was testing this result with hardware breakpoints, but let me know if that is incorrect. Are there additional pins or configurations I need to enable from the smart configurator? 

I posted a screenshot of the project tree below, in case there is something that I missed. I did have to import the iodefine.h from a previous project with the same MCU, but I didn't see anything that would lead to my problems. The code that I have in the main function is the same code from the sample project to blink LED1, with changed values for the pin names to suit the smart configurator's output.