RH850/F1L MCU analysis anomaly indicating Error(E100000C)

hello all Renesas fans:

background:one RH850/F1L series MCU was sent to factory for defect analysis;

however,it indicated an error (E100000C) that aimed to the flash rom,showing the information as follow:


Disconnecting the tool

Error(E100000C): A serial programming connection is prohibited for this device. (Command: 00, Response: DC)

Operation failed.



i wonder how to solve this problem.

(i guess the security module prevented the connect,or other factor to cause this problem?)

best regards!!!

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  • Hello JimB:

    thanks for your reply!

    i also found the description about “E100000C ” in flash memory programming software user‘s manual:

    i think you are right.

    but one more question, under what circumstance will the security setting activate to prohibit the connection?

    I will appreciate it if you can reply me.

    best regards!