Total Section Size Explanation

We all know when the -show=total_size option is specified, the total sizes of RAM, ROM, and program sections are output.

The output example of the total section size is shown below.

*** Total Section Size ***

RAMDATA SECTION: 00000660 Byte(s)
ROMDATA SECTION: 00000174 Byte(s)
PROGRAM SECTION: 000016d6 Byte(s)

here is the memory layout of my RH850 (pardon me its Japanese Version).

I don't really understand what section exactly RAMDATA, ROMDATA, and PROGRAM is.

Can anyone mapping RAMDATA, ROMDATA, PROGRAM section to the memory layout?

here is what I though.

RAMDATA : Local RAM (CPU1), Retention RAM (CPU1), Local RAM (Self), Retention RAM (Self)


PROGRAM: Code Flash, Code Flash (Extension)

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