F1KH-D8 FlexRay questions

I have the following two FlexRay questions: 

1. I want to send multiple ID data and enable continuous mode, but I can't tell which ID data has been sent, and the message buffers have ND flags for querying when receiving data, but I'm not sure which flag to use when sending data to query which ID data has been sent. I am currently trying to use the TXR transfer request flag for data transfer in single-shot mode, is this reliable? Do you have any suggestions on how Continuous mode can confirm the completion of the transmission and send continuously?

2. I would also like to ask about the RAM transfer method of FlexRay mentioned in chapter 25.3.16 Usage of Data Transfer, which is similar to DMA transfer, is this FlexRay transfer method a more efficient transfer method and is there a corresponding example for reference?



1.咨询一下FlexRAY的Continuous mode该如何使用,当前想发送多个ID数据并启用连续模式,但无法知道哪个ID数据发送完成,在接收数据的时候message buffers有ND标志可供查询,但在发送数据的时候不确定使用哪个标志查询该ID数据发送完成,当前尝试使用TXR传输请求标志在single-shot mode进行数据传输,这样是否可靠?对于Continuous mode模式如何能够确认发送完成并能连续发送是否有好的建议?

2.还想咨询一下25.3.16 Usage of Data Transfer章节中提到FlexRay的RAM传输方式,看类似DMA的传输,该种FlexRay传输方式是否为更高效的传输方式,是否有相应的例程可供参考?


  • Dear Park,

    1) to check if a frame has been sent or not you can observe TXR flag, just like you described. It is explained also in "Transmit Process" chapter. But also, as you already noted, this flag has does not inform about the transfer in continuous mode. There is no other flag, which you could check.

    2) yes, the data transfer mechanism is somehow similar to DMA. It allows for transfer of new data from RAM into Message RAM without CPU usage. Unfortunately we do not have any software example available.

    Best regards,