Can I run 40amps and 12V BLDC with RH850 starter kit?

I find that the RH850 starter kit can be operated with 12V supply and can control a motor 12V. But it does not mention anything about how much current it can be operated with. I have a 12V, 40 Amps motor can I control it using the starter kit?

  • Unfortunately, without information on the maximum current capacity of the RH850 starter kit, it is not possible to determine whether it can control a 12V, 40 Amps motor. It is important to consult the manufacturer's specifications or contact their technical support team to ensure that the motor's current requirements are within the capabilities of the starter kit. Trying to operate a motor with a current draw that exceeds the capabilities of the starter kit could result in damage to the kit or other components, and potentially pose a safety risk. 

  • I've checked through the data sheet and user manual of the starter kit. But it does not mention about the operating current of the kit. Can you suggest any kit to control 12v, 40amps motor?

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