Lauterbach Trace32 reprogramming OPTBT(CSA)


im using lauterbach(trace32) debugging RH850/U2A16/R7F7.

Two questions are blocking

 1. if the csa is configrured as double map mode, my tools could only reprogram my code to the un-active bank.. 

a. for example, if the active bank is B, my tools could only reflash my hex file to the A bank(according to the absolute address in hex or elf file)

b. how could i reprogramm my compiling result to the active bank? 

 2. how could i use trace32+lauterbach to reprogramm the csa area?

a. my srcipt.cmm is as below step


system.config.debugprottype csi


system.mode prepare         ;; this command will always report ERROR!


b. my t32 will report error after the ''system.mode prepare'' command, reading---"ERROR: System.coreclock setting out of range (800000)"

  • I recommend to contact the Lauterbach support team on this topic:
    Lauterbach Support

  • As this is entirely a Lauterbach issue, I recommend to contact them directly.

    However, one generic comment would be that the active area in double map mode is protected by the FCVAPROT_n registers. In order to be able to write to the activate area the  FCVAPROT registers need to be set to '0'.

  • Have a look at the script "rh850_serialflashprog.cmm" in the latest RH850/U2A script package on the Lauterbach web site under Downloads->Start-UP and other Scripts:

    ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ; @Title: Setup for RH850/U2A SerialFlashProgramming (R7F702Z19EDBG)
    ; @Description:
    ;   SerialFlashProgramming allows programming of:
    ;   - all CPU Flash-areas and
    ;   - programming of the OptionBytes
    ;   - script supports DoubleMap- and SingelMap-Mode
    ; @Author: STA
    ; @Board: RH850-U2A-516PIN-T1-V1
    ; @Chip: R7F702Z19EDBG
    ; @Copyright: (C) 1989-2021 Lauterbach GmbH, licensed for use with TRACE32(R) only
    ; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ; $Id: rh850_serialflashprog.cmm 17359 2021-03-19 08:43:01Z estahleder $