Questions about using multiple OSTM timers


    The chip I use is RH850-U2A8, and I use an OSTM0 clock as a clock reference to execute the task, and its interrupt interval is 1ms; Now I want to use the OSTM1 clock at the same time to improve the accuracy (1ms is not enough), but when I initialize and use OSTM1 in the same way as OSTM0, there is a problem: the program enters an Unexpected interrupt.
    For the configuration of OSTM, I used the Davinci Configurator configuration tool and the latest MCAL from Renesas.
    I have checked the following points:
1. When the program just enters the Unexpected interrupt, I check the EIC200 register of OSTM1, the value is 0x60, indicating that EIOV is 1, this value is normal, because the phenomenon is the same as OSTM0;
2. I also looked at the OSTM1 configuration and after Gpt_StartTimer(OSTM1_xxxx), the OSTMnCTL register has a value of 0x80, which is also normal.
3. I checked the ECM module. If an OSTM1 error occurs, it will report the error to the ECM. I can see the corresponding error in the ECM's ECMmSSTRj register, but I did not find it.

Could it be that there are limitations to using multiple OSTM clocks at the same time, but I didn't find that described in the chip manual. I was hoping someone would give me a direction to look.