'_R_SFMA_Init : Unresolved Symbols' using SFMA API on RH850

Hi everyone Slight smile

I'm currently working on a RH850 project using MULTI IDE from GHS.

Our project is including the SFMA API Header file (r_sfma_api.h) and we are using it to manage the external flash.

But when building the project, we got the error : 

[elxr] (error #412) unresolved symbols: 3
_R_SFMA_Init from Appli_priv.o
_R_SFMA_Open from Appli_priv.o
_R_SFMA_AccessAddressSet from Appli_priv.o

I think the error is coming from a source file where R_SFMA_Init is defined but I can't find it in the project or on the Renesas Website

Do you have a solution?

Thanks in advance and have a good day Slight smile


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