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RH850/U2A optional byte configuration in IAR for RH850

Hi guys,

I' m using IAR for RH850 and RH850/U2A series. Now I need to configure its optional bytes. The official document provides optional bytes setting ways of CS+ and MULTI. If there is anyway to config it in IAR? (the document address: RH850/U2A-EVA Group Start Up Guide (OPBT) (

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  • Hi,

    It is very similar to how it is done for GHS. Kindly use the attached IAR project as reference.

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  • Hi,

    I can't find RH850/U2A optional bytes configuration in renesas flash programmer v3.13.00. Where could I find it or the flashed file should include optional bytes information?

  • RFP does not support the options bytes on U2A like it does for other RH850 devices.  Need to use the above mentioned projects to configure them, which creates the hex-file that can be programmed into the memory.

  • Another question:

    I'm using a starter-kit of RH850/U2A. As I use CS+ or IAR, it's fine to debug when the E2 is connected to RH850/U2A. I write a led-blinding program. But if E2 is disconnected, the results differs: if I use CS+ to debug, the led can blind after I disconnect the E2 and press RESET. But if I use IAR to debug, the led cannot blind after I disconnect the E2 and press RESET. I use the "Project->Download->Download active application" in IAR option, it still cannot work. It seems like that IAR startup opreation resets the optional bytes? 

  • Thanks for your answer. 

  • Hi,

    Kindly create a new thread for the new issue, this will help threads issue wise and other users searching for answers on the same issue.

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