RH850/P1L-C SOMC output behaviour


I'm working on using the GTM SOMC to generate a single short pulse. I've got the counting and comparing working as expected but I'm struggling with the output settings. Right now I've got it setup to match the value in CCU0 then the value in CCU1 from TBU_TS0. My understanding is for ACB42 I want those bits set to 0b100.

Whenever I trigger an update of the ATOM registers with the HOST_TRIG bit my output goes high no matter the settings i put in ACB10 with a SL of 1. Why is this? No CCU0 match shows so it doesn't seem like it should be triggered. How can I have this start low, go high on CCU0 match then low again on CCU1 match. I can get the opposite to happen just can't get the output to start low no matter the settings I choose.