RH850/F1K 100PIN

Hi all

I'm trying to debug/download executable file to RH850/F1K 100PIN type, based on RFP V314, by E1 Debugger tool. Here is Error message:

Is there any Flash E1 Pin_Circuit between ECU and female connector information as reference to help me solve the trouble? thanks

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  • I tried to follow the instructions, especially Figure 2-5. During programming (using the RFP or automatically setting OPJTAG), it outputs the high level on FPMD0, this is referred in User's Mannual. Both RFP 1-Wire and 2-Wire UART interface communication operation failed. I am still wondering why such basic RFP 1-Wire mode doesn't  work? Here is RFP Massage:Error(E3000105): The device is not responding.

    Is there any further referred information?  The red channel indicates RESET signal and the blue one indicates respective JP0_0 received. 

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