SECT on AE-CLOUD1 Compilation Video Available

Several of us from the community have been working on SECT with the goal of modifying the source code on the AE-CLOUD1 board to support external sensors. Thanks to Dan Kane and Michael Li for compiling the code and getting the .srec file to work with This video tutorial shows the compiled binary connecting to Google IoT with WiFi.






Parts and Software



I found this information from the Quick Start Guide helpful:

  1. After a network interface has been selected, if you want to change it, the system MUST be power-cycled and a new network interface selected.
  2. If certificate provisioning fails for a device, then you need to delete the device from the dashboard and add it back. 
  3. If the boot command fails for a device, you must delete the device from the dashboard and add it back. The command could fail with the following errors:
    A. Starting TLS session: Could not start TLS session (0x109).
    B. Parsing Bootstrap Response: IoT Provider not found. Aborting.
    C. The command gets stuck after starting the TLS session and the bootstrap does not begin.


After this step, you can either work on the server or modify the board binary.  Currently, the demo uses I have another server running on AWS EC2 with the example dashboard source code.

Install Pre-Compiled Binary Instead

You can also install a pre-compiled binary. The video below explains installation and configuration using the pre-compiled binary.

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