FD-SOI and SOTB coming to Synergy?

This EETimes articles indicated that Renesas is delivering SOTB-based sample chips in March of 2018 with mass production in March of 2019.



According to the article, the technology could reduce a 20 mW Synergy microcontroller to 2 mW.

the Japanese company is confident that it can slash power consumption in its MCUs, reducing, for example, a 20 mW Synergy microcontroller to 2 mW. The goal is a quantum leap in battery life in IoT devices that could lead to a “battery-less” product when combined with energy harvesting, according to the company.

Can someone comment on the status of this in regards to Synergy? I'm most curious to learn if Renesas is using the technology for Synergy in addition to the RX231 line that the article mentions. While the S124 is good, I've heard of people asking for even lower power for wearables and medical technology when the device is on the patient.