Ferrite Cable Core Noise Suppressor any Effect?

I am having problems with different USB cables when I connect to the AE-CLOUD1 board with a serial console, both Putty and TeraTerm. Is it possible for a Ferrite core ring bead to help with the stability of the connection?

I am looking at this 10 pack for $6.99, but do not know if it would have any effect?



I have a TI MSP430 LaunchPad kit and it came with a Ferrite Core Ring Bead for the USB cable that handles both power and debugging.  The MSP430 is a pretty cheap and barebones kit. If TI spent the money on a ferrite core, I'm suspecting that it was needed.  The TI Launchpad does use Ferroelectric RAM, so maybe there is a difference in the board design that warrants the use of ferrite core?

In any case, I'd like to improve the stability of my serial connection to the AE-CLOUD1 board.

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