Basic Tutorials (Timer, Interrupt, GPIO, ADC, Watch Dog Timer, QPI Flash Memory) for the S5D9 IOT Fast Prototyping Kit

Hi everyone,

IOT community has some basic lessons (created by Eric) for the S7G2-DK board.  I have used his work to develop the same basic lessons for S5D9 IOT board.  I also used the recent SSP 1.3.0 instead of SSP 1.1.3 that was used by Eric.  In addition, I added the PWM lesson which is based on the recent exciting servo motor tutorial created by Dan (an honorable member of the IOT community).     Each lesson has a document that shows the hardware setup and the driver configurations.   

1. S5D9 lab led loop - on board LED

2. S5D9 lab led timer - on board LED

3. S5D9 lab led timer interrupt - on board LED

4. S5D9 lab GPIO input (interrupt) - PMOD port, external push button and LED/resistor

5. S5D9 lab PWM - PMOD port, Servo Motor

6. S5D9 lab WDT (timer) - on board LED

7. S5D9 lab ADC MIC USBX Float - on board microphone

8. S5D9 lab QPI Flash - on board Micron's QPI NOR Flash Memory

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