Project Case Build for AE-CLOUD1

This is some early work with the Seeed Skeleton Case and the Renesas AE-CLOUD1 kit for SECT prototypes.

In the current version, I have not mounted the GT-202 WiFi module to the top of the acrylic case. In the future, I'll need to run wires from the PMOD and mount the WiFi module in another location.

Stability is great in tower mode as well.


The case comes with multiple acrylic panels for the sides and two covers. There are also LEDs, resistors, and grove connectors to allow access to the Grove connectors from the top of the case.

The S5D9 board mounts directly to the bottom acrylic panel of the case.  I had to drill holes into the acrylic to mount the S5D9 properly.  In the future, I think I will use a smaller drill point first to make a starter hole for the bit.  The case comes with plastic clips to mount the board.

A nice benefit is that the case is designed for project components to be soldered directly onto the case.


The case comes with extra side panels. Once I finish the project, I'll put one of the panels over the Ethernet side of the board.


Although the S5D9 board design files are available, I can't figure out how to read the measurements of the mounting holes. Using a ruler, I think it is 68.5mm by 42.5mm. If anyone has a file for the actual board dimensions, including mounting holes and populated board height, please share the file.

  • I should build something like this. For testing and smaller projects I often end up covering the board I'm working on with something very temporary (like cardboard or even using a small paper towel "tent") to keep the dust off. This would be much better. Thanks for posting!

  • @jcasman, I'm using a 10cm x 10cm case. I think this one is actually too small for the usage scenario you describe above. I think the 17x10cm case would be better as you can put the WiFi module into the case easily. There are currently 23 units of the 17x10cm skeleton in stock now on Seeed site now. It's a clearance sale. I'd probably need to buy 10 of these or more to justify the shipping. I should have asked our contact at Renesas to bring some back. I didn't think of it last week.

    The smaller 10x10cm case is good for a finished project when you want to make your project as compact or possible. If I get the WiFi installed, I'll post another picture.