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Hi all,

I am making wireless charger for my bachelor degree using P9242-R chip https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/464/IDT_P9242-R-Datasheet_DST_20180116-1093299.pdf

After checking registers using I2C I found out that chip is detecting over-current and current on coil is 3.15A. 

Because of that chip is in sleep mode (chip is detecting fault and to save himself he is not starting), and wont start properly until over-current error dissapears. I have set FOD limit for 3.2A and it didn't help.

Any help is appreciated :)







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  • Hello,

    Chip is in sleep mode, he doesn't consume any current. What I found out that chip is in sleep mode because processor calculates 3.15A in 06E2HEX [7:0] register that represents coil current. Because of that status register shows over-current. Recommended current limit is 2.5A.
    Im looking for a way to minimize current to 2.5A (or lower) just to overcome over-current error.

    Thanks for Your time