ZMID5201 ArcSensor not working


i have the ZMID5201 evaluationboard which works great but i did my own custom board and it is not working right.

The TX frequency doenst goes above 1 MHz and the output signal doenst look like a sine wave.

This is my custom arc inductor:

I exported the gerber files and imported it in kicad an made sure that the vias and wire size matches.

I have measure my custom PCB Inductor and i got 30uH. The calculated capacitor for the resonant frequency using the formula on the datasheet is 77pF.

Here are the measured TX lines:

What did i do wrong?

Even moving a target above the coil inductor doenst changes the analog output signal from the IC.

The evaluation board TX wave is a nice sine wave with a frequency at 3.3MHz.