! USB to SMBus Adapter - Replacement

Dear Sir or Madam,

Dear Renesas-supportteam,

in the last couple years we used the USB to SMBus Adapter (ZLUSBEVAL1Z from "ZILKER LABS AN INTERSIL COMPANY") with the Power Navigator Software.

This product have two relevant components on the PCB:  A "FT232 BQ" and a "ATMega32L", therefore i am sure that a comparable device can also fulfill this function....

Unfortunatly this controller broke and we are now looking for a replacement, but we cannot purchase the same product anywhere. (delivery time greater than 52 weeks !)

What we need is:

USB to SMBus-Adapter for the Power Navigator Software which is compatible with ZL2005PEVK4

Do you have a replacement or a recommendation for this product ?

Thank you for your support.

Best regards from Germany,


Test Engineering (railway technology)