ISL85403 in boost mode only

I need ISL85403 to work only in boost mode. Vin as low as possible, Vout = 16V.

I'm guessing highest range for Vin would be close to 16V, since there's no buck operation.

I came across the boost-buck circuit, which is "Figure 10. ISL85403EVAL3Z Schematic", taken in this application note.

Now, it has L1 22uH for buck converter side, right?

Can I just get rid of L1 and Q1 MOSFET then?

I only need the L2 6.8uH on Lgate and Vin for boost mode, correct?

Though I wanted to replace L2 with 10uH instead for better efficiency.

I have the iSIM PE, but couldn't figure out how to make sense of it.