Old Renesas Volume Control IC's

Hi All,

In my retirement I came across a lot of old Onkyo, Pioneer, and other home theater receivers I would like to keep

out of the e-waste stream. I would like to  get them working in whole or part, 

harvest for parts to make something else, or use as-is for whatever functionality remains.   A lot of them suffer

the "HDMI No Sound" problem specific to Onkyo, Pioneer, and Marantz units.

I seem to have hit a dead end in searching for datasheets for the various Renesas VLSIC audio chips that are

commonly switch matrix arrays and volume controls.    Some part numbers:



In general :  R2A152XX where XX are two numbers.

I can't find a datasheet for an R2A152XX device anywhere online.   Any help, information, or thoughts

greatly appreciated .   Thanks.

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  • Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the help.   Appreciated.

    Rochester Electronics site claims they don't have the datasheet.  Rochester, DigiKey, Mouser, Jameco, or just entering part numbers in your favorite search engine often yields pretty good results. 

    To clarify what I'm looking for:  

    I'm looking for information as to how to program the various analog switches and volume controls on the device.  Typically this would be a table of binary values , register names, and function in how signal flow and amplitude is controlled.   

    Anyone  else have anything else to add ?

    Thanks again.


  • Did you find the documentation for the R2A152XX chips? I have the same problem as you for an Onkyo amp that I transform into an analog amp.

    I found a brief documentation containing the PINOUTs, but nothing on the format to send on the data pin of the chip.

    Renesas distributed a very similar M61516FP chip, I found the frame to send on the data pin, but I don't know if it will work on R2A152XX (R2A15220) chips.

    Have you made progress on your side?

    Kind regards