Old Renesas Volume Control IC's

Hi All,

In my retirement I came across a lot of old Onkyo, Pioneer, and other home theater receivers I would like to keep

out of the e-waste stream. I would like to  get them working in whole or part, 

harvest for parts to make something else, or use as-is for whatever functionality remains.   A lot of them suffer

the "HDMI No Sound" problem specific to Onkyo, Pioneer, and Marantz units.

I seem to have hit a dead end in searching for datasheets for the various Renesas VLSIC audio chips that are

commonly switch matrix arrays and volume controls.    Some part numbers:



In general :  R2A152XX where XX are two numbers.

I can't find a datasheet for an R2A152XX device anywhere online.   Any help, information, or thoughts

greatly appreciated .   Thanks.