VBATT code removal


I'm working with FPB-RA4E1 board and I'm trying to understand how to remove the auto-generated code for VBATT, since my system will not use an external battery.

I see that in the auto-generated file bsp_mcu_family_cfg.h there is the define BSP_MCU_VBATT_SUPPORT set to 1.

How can I set this to 0 using e2studio? (otherwise if I change by hand in the file, each time I compile, this file is automatically re-generated)

Thank you very much!

  • You can copy bsp_cfg.h and bsp_mcu_family_cfg.h to your ./src folder.

    edit bsp_mcu_family_cfg.h to set VBATT_SUPPORT to 0.

    bsp_cfg.h in your .\src folder is used for compilation as .\src is the first folder in your include path.

    bsp_mcu_family_cfg.h is included from bsp_cfg.h and has to be in the same folder (it doesnt use the include path)

    Do keep a look-out if you change bsp_cfg in ra_cfg/ folder, you have to copy it again.