Issue regarding ISL94202 in BMS setup

Hello support team, 

We have setup a BMS of 7S8P configuration for 24V with discharging current 50amp using IC ISL94202. We are facing some issue when analysing the all parameters on GUI. some cells are showing high fluctuations.

Kindly request you to suggest a guidance to resolve this issue. 

Awaited your feedback.

  • Hi Maitry,

    If the device is returning noisy results, then the entire circuit should be checked with an oscilloscope to determine the source of the noise.  If the ISL94202 returns noisy results, then noise is present in the system.  The solution depends on the source of the noise.

    If the noise is only present in either or both the top and bottom cell it is usually due to sharing of voltage sense lines with lines that pass load current.  VC0 connection to the negative terminal of the pack should not pass load current. VC8 connection to the positive terminal of the pack should not pass load current.