P9235A-RB firmware


I'm trying to P9235A-RB board but face some problems now.

1. Firstly, we're trying to upload firmware using a dongle and given GUI program. The GUI program can detect the existence of the dongle(UMFT4222EV). However, it cannot detect the TX. We thoroughly check the connection of the TX board, and it has the same design with the P9235A-RB evaluation board. We still don't know what's the problem here... It would be really great to give us some suggestion about it.

2. Therefore, we tried to configure parameters in the TX's internal memory. We used external MCU and successfully accessed and wrote wanted values to the TX's internal memory (based on the datasheet of the eval board). However, we still cannot see any signal at the output of the bridge. Do we must use the firmware?? Does that firmware have another function besides controlling configuration parameters??

Looking forward to replies from great engineers in this community.

(Can't find the TX)

(Dongle connected)

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