Reza D2-6 Family Audio SOC Dolby decoding and licensing

Is it necessary to obtain Dolby's license to purchase and use the D2-6 Family Audio SOC decoding Dolby audio of Reza to make commercial products

  • Only the D2-6 products that enable Dolby technology require a Dolby license.  Please note that the D2-6 products that require a Dolby license also enable audio technology from a company called DTS (now a subsidiary of Xperi) and require a DTS/Xperi license.

    To be specific, these are:

    Dolby and DTS/Xperi license required:

    • D2-71583-LR
    • D2-74383-LR
    • D2-74583-LR

     No license required:

    • D2-71083-LR
    • D2-74083-LR

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    Cindy Huberty, Renesas Electronics, Online Applications Support Engineer 

  • Thank you for your answer.

    here I have some questions ,can you answer for me?Thank you.

    1.How should I purchase the D2-74383-LR, and how about the purchase price? I found a lot of agents and dealers who said they didn't sell this DSP

    2.What software can help develop the Dolby function of D2-74383

  • Per our agreement with Dolby, only limited distributors can handle these products.  Authorized distributors in US and Europe are Avnet and Future.  In Asia, Serial and WT are authorized. 

    Please note that we can only sell these products to Dolby licensed customers.

    We have software called AudioCanvas that is used to develop audio flows for these products – including Dolby functions.  We can distribute the software once the customer has the product.

    Cindy Huberty