Audio volume Digi pot

Hi from Greece

first off all Sorry for my English
I am Sound engineer and I have hobby  experimenting with electronics 
I have already experienced with several of potentiometers, mainly controlling them with arduino

What I want to do now is a bit more tricky
i try to make a module for audio volume control
i wand to get Balanced signal ( XLR from mixing Console )
and go out Balanced signal again ( XLR To Audio Amplifier )
here I would like your help, to make a complete circuit with digital pots, op amps and whatever else is needed
to make the Balanced Audio IN -OUT work fine.
It would be a great pleasure if you could guide me on what materials to choose and if you give me some schematic  with the correct require order of components

I hope I could let you understand what I need.
Thank you all in advance

Sorry for my English again