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ISL81601 / ISL81401

Hello! Help me please!
I want to use ISL81601 or ISL81401 as a bi-directional battery charger-discharger! The most difficult thing for me is to determine the maximum discharge current! I want to select a choke and mosfet transistors to operate on a 50A (12V) load. My battery is 4S7P voltage from 10V to 16.8V. System voltage 12V (system current more than 100A).
Tell me ISL81601 or ISL81401 can operate in 50A (12V) discharge mode. Choke coil e.g. 7443556082 (WURTH ELEKTRONIK)

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    Help me! I need to understand how to use the ISL81601 to operate with a load current of 50A (12V)

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