Regarding E1 Debugger

Hi  All,

Thanks to Kirin.

I am using the Renesas E1 Debugger with Multi v4.0.5 for  UPD70F3376GCA controller.

can you provide the connection string for this.

Thanks in advance.



  • Hello Raja,

    I'm not sure that E1 is able to connect to V850ES/Fx3(UPD70F3376GCA).
    Multi v4.0.5 is an old product version.
    Then, E1 is the product of old former Renesas Technology,
    V850ES/Fx3 is the product of former NEC Electronics.
    So probably, the server "850eserv" which supplied from Green Hills Software with Multi can not recognize E1 as former Renesas product.

    According to the manual page 4

    For operation with Green Hills MULTI a dedicated version of the
    - EX850G32.dll (Version E1.72e or later) and
    - 850eserv.exe (Version 3.2388 or later) is required.

    In case of MINICUBE2, see "CHAPTER 5 MULTI DEBUGGER START" on Setup Manual Partner Tool.

    Anyway, 850eserv is needed for MINICUBE2 or E1 emulator.
    It's better that you contact GHS.