Reading the current state of a counter over I2c using the SLG46826G


I am trying to read the current state of any counter over I2C, but it always returns 0. I have some digital logic feeding the clock input of CNT2 and the counter data set to 10. I have also tried using a square wave. I get a pulse on the output after 10 cycles as expected. (Please ignore the buffer in the schematic)

I have validated the Counter Data by reading register 0xAF over i2c which returns 10.

However, when I read 0x7E the Counted Value it is always zero. In fact, 0x7C/0x7D, or CNT0, is also zero which I am using as a Wake Sleep Controller.

My expectation is the current state of the counter between 0-10. For example, Counted Value should read 5 if it has seen 5 clock edges. Have I misunderstood something?


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