SSP_ERR_WIFI_CONFIG_FAILED on SK-S7G2 with ATWINC1500 wifi module



I am fairly new to the platform so please bear with me.

I am using the SK-S7G2 kit with an ATWINC1500 wifi module in PMODB, I have added the module driver as per this link and created wifi thread with the configuration as described in this document.


When I ran the following code,

ssp_err_t status;

status = g_sf_wifi0.p_api->open(g_sf_wifi0.p_ctrl, g_sf_wifi0.p_cfg);

if(status != SSP_SUCCESS)
// Write error
printf("g_sf_wifi error opening");


It results in the error: SSP_ERR_WIFI_CONFIG_FAILED

When I step into it, I get a c++ error: "gdb action 'read memory', has failed with error code, 0xffffffff"

Can someone help me? Am I missing any step in the configuration? 

Let me know if you require more information.


Thanks a lot


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