Netx packet pool depletion.

Hi all,

I am using Netx duo IP instance for TCP and UDP communication on synergy SK-S7G2 board. After a lot of packet transmission i have observed that associated packet pool gets depleted and hence my communication stops. In the packets pool configuration i have set Packet Size(in bytes) = 1568, Number of Packets in pool = 80.

Initially Number of Packets in pool were 32 which i increased to 80. Doing this the program is able to communicate fro a longer time but still the pool gets depleted.

After every UDP and TCP receive i am releasing the packet, and i understand there is no need to release the packet when we send. But to send a packet out i need to Allocate memory from the pool and then append the data, so during allocation the pool gets depleted. Am ultimately becomes empty.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Am i doing something wrong? Any technical help would be very helpful.