S7G2 - Best way to implement a network connection handler using NETX for LAN, WiFi and GSM

In our hardware solution using the S7G2, our main application needs to connect to a server to regular upload data. It can do so either via GSM, WiFi or wired ethernet.

For the GSM modem, its a module, so we use AT commands.

For the WiFi, we have our own plug-in module with an MCU talking to the WiFi module. This plug-in module can be controlled from the main board via our own UART interface. 

We need a connection handler of sorts to manage the 3 possible connections. The application will only talk on one connection at a given time, but has rules and priorities to switch between connections. Can we use NetX in some way to handle these 3 connections?

  • Hi Sudesh,

    Does your GSM modem have data mode? If you only have AT commands at your disposal it will be very tricky to use it with NetX.

    Typically you can use single NetX IP instance with three physical interfaces (like we do in AE-CLOUD2 cloud application projects) however this requires for all of your physical interfaces to have NetX-compatible drivers.
  • Hi Karol,

    Yes, the GSM modem (Quectel EC25) supports data mode.

    I assume also, that the WiFi module (we using the USR-C210) must also support data mode for this to work? Is that correct?

    Also, over these 3 physical interfaces, we want to use NetX to run an FTP client to connect to an FTP server on our head-end, in addition to connection to a separate server for normal TC/IP communications.
  • Hi Karol,

    I have confirmed that our WiFi module supports data mode. So the my next questions are:

    1. How do I get our GSM and WiFi physical interfaces to have NetX-compatible drivers? Do you have examples of NetX compatible driver code written for another GSM and WiFi modules, that I can look at and port the drivers to make them work with our devices?

    2. My project as it stands (which has been in development for some time now), is built using SSP version 1.3.0.
    Do I need to update to a newer or latest version of SSP?
  • Any update on my further two questions above?
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  • I want to further add, that the WiFi module (USR-C210) and the GSM module (Quectel EC25) both support data (transparent mode), which means, I should be able to use a single NetX IP instance over these two interfaces and over Ethernet, and make use of NetX NSAL. Please confirm?