(Nano-)Bootloader, Flashloader (<=SSP 1.3.0), Downloader, Secure Boot Manager (S5 only): Please advise what to choose for a S3A1 UART/USB field update?

We started in 2016 with S7 and S3 µC and developed our own boards, since that we are waiting for an easy to implement and maintainable bootloader/flashloader.

Every time in the last years when I've visited the Renesas booth on embedded world, they guys told me that an useable bootloader framework will be offered in the future.

Then finally when Renesas provides a bootloader/flashloader, Renesas - as far as I know - stopped the support with SSP 1.3.0., why?

May be I'm the only developer, who is confused which bootloader to choose now, ensuring support by Renesas also in future SSP versions.

So I'm not misunderstood, I have to say that I really appreciate SSP and also the support here in RenesasRulz, but regarding the subject bootloader I can't see a really clear and future-proof concept compared to other SSP modules.

E.g. ST provides CAN/Ethernet/USB/UART bootloader versions for their STM32 Cortex M series, why it is not possible to provide something similar for the Synergy family?

Background of this post is, that we actually have to plan a project for huge number of devices, installed all over the country in the next years, but being now unsure which solution we should choose.

What other piece of advice can you give us than to implement the bootloader itself?

Thank you very much and best regards