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ADC Average Mask on S1JA understanding and usage problem

Hi all,

I am using S1JA to measure some resistor value after transforming resistance value into voltage.

I have slight oscillations between samples. As I am trying to improve the ADC periodic framework, ADC oscillation between different samples from the same reference resistance value is being a problem. I would like to apply internal mean mask formula available in Sinergy family correctly, correctly putting all parameters.

I have been doing some test to understand where the software takes 16 mean samples from. To do that I have been saving and plotting different values mean stored from a buffer of 100 samples in a excel to check their difference, standard deviation, mean and median values.

After checking the different parameters, the different KPIs are very similar to the parameters no mask, 8 sample mean mask and 16 sample mean mask. I believe I am not understanding something as I though standard deviation, mean, and median errors should be smaller with the mask usage.

In short, I am not understanding correctly how the ADC mean function works. I would like to know which parameters I need to change or modify to be able to use the mean averaging mask correctly and try to stabilize my adc values.



  • Hi all,

    The problem I was having was due to a misunderstanding of the concept of acquiring the average value of a certain adc channel:

    - In summary, the average that is attached to the value that will be inserted into the single-ended adc buffer applies that average before inserting that value.

    Not knowing when this calculation was made, there were doubts as to what values had to be modified in order to make an average of X values correctly.

    Thank you very much,