Default handler issue arises whenever new line of code has been compiled

Whenever i try to add a code(any) after certain number, my code gets halt at Default handler as shown below

* Function Name: Default_Handler
* Description : Default exception handler.
* Arguments : none
* Return Value : none
void Default_Handler (void)
/** A error has occurred. The user will need to investigate the cause. Common problems are stack corruption
* or use of an invalid pointer.

From console page:

Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.
Default_Handler () at ../synergy/ssp/src/bsp/cmsis/Device/RENESAS/S5D9/Source/startup_S5D9.c:84

How to recover this? is this happening because of the number of warnings that i have unresolved?

Please give a relevant solution ASAP!

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,

    Try increasing the size of your stack. Perhaps you are adding code that is blowing your stack. Without knowing what you are adding it is difficult to say. Having a large number of warnings at build time is not going to cause the default handler to be called because of the number of warnings. However, the fact there are warnings would indicate that could be some issues with the code which is why you are hitting the default handler. Try and fix the warnings and see if it helps.