IP Tasks do not respond after an arbitrary period of time.

Hi all,

We are working on:

s7g2  (Custom Board)

SSP 1.7.0

e2Studio 7.8.0

API: Netx Duo.

The activities in IP Stack:

1. WebServer, (User Login)

2. TCP/IP Server (Periodical)

3. imcp (ping test for gateway link) (Periodical)

In few cases we find that the IP Tasks (mentioned above) stop working completely.

No Response to ping,

Webserver Login page does not load,

TCP/IP Server does not respond.

However other non-IP related tasks such as OLED etc are still running (Not a crash)

Any idea what can cause this?

There is no timeline as to when it occurs, 1hr, 1 day, 1 week...

I went through a lot of related threads.

One of which is very similar to my condition:


Is it because of High Traffic Network.

I hope Renesas Team can shed some light on it.




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  • Hi All, I am sharing a screen shot of the primary IP Pool which after Network Congestion during test shows only 12 packet pools are available although the pool size is 50. Each time we Test the available packet pools decrease substantially. I have a few questions: 1. Why are the pools not becoming available? 2, What will happen if packet pool available becomes 0 and how do we make sure this never happens? 3. How do I find out which task/service is still occupying the pool?

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