E2Studio GUIX - Raw Image is Noisy When Rendered

Hello everyone!

In my application, I use GUIX and a TFT display.

To extract the current image of the display, I am using the Memory Monitor of E2Studio.

I configure it to show the g_display_fb_background variable as a Raw Image with the following configuration.

I am using breakpoint before making a capture to make sure the image is "static".

However, the images rendered are noisy and "line distorted" (not one or the other, both at the same time on the same image).

Here are two fragments of the whole image showing the problem:

1) Line Distortion: 

2) Noisy background (it should be a single color, without these dots) 

I need them to be clear.

Any ideas what is causing this?

ps: g_display_fb_background[1] is just as noisy

Thanks a lot!!