Using DHCP Server for Wi-Fi AP and DHCP Client for Ethernet on S7 over single IP instance.

We are using an S7G2 with Ethernet and Wi-Fi interfaces over which we want an HTTP Server accessible.
We are using the Wi-Fi AP mode for hosting the HTTP Server. The connected Wi-Fi client should be able to get an IP address from the Wi-Fi DHCP server and then access the HTTP Server.

Currently using:
- SSP 1.7.8
- Single IP instance for both interfaces (PRI: WiFi ATWINC1500, SEC: Ethernet)
- A DHCP-Client (for Ethernet interface)
- A DHCP-Server (for Wi-Fi interface)
- A DNS-Client (for both interfaces)

The issue is when the DHCP Client is already running for the Ethernet interface, and we start the DHCP Server for Wi-Fi, the other devices connected in the Ethernet network are assigned an IP address by the DHCP Server hosted for the Wi-Fi interface.

We have bound the DHCP Server with the Wi-Fi interface and the DHCP Client with the Ethernet interface using the following APIs:
- nx_dhcp_create_server_ip_address_list and nx_dhcp_set_interface_network_parameters with the Wi-Fi interface index and start the DHCP Server.
- nx_dhcp_interface_start with the Ethernet interface index to start the DHCP Client.

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