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ISL69144 at minus Temperature


We use ISL69144IRAZ-T7A on the AMD GPU board. ISL69144IRAZ-T7A works normally at room temperature but it takes long time for PGOOD signals of  ISL69144IRAZ-T7A to arrive at minus temperature.

ISL69144IRAZ-T7A and AMD GPU connected via SVI2 interface.  ISL69144IRAZ-T7A has NVM. We are programming NVM with "Production Config Tool". Can NVM  cause problems at minus temperature? Is there any known erreta document of  ISL69144IRAZ-T7A?


Marking of ISL69144IRAZ-T7A at top side;






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  • We apologize but we cannot answer questions on a public forum for these parts since their datasheets are confidential.

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