How to send ADC measurements to Tera Term terminal through USB ?

Hey guys. I'm trying to create a project, that takes some temperature measurements through the adc unit and send the result to a tt terminal at my laptop, through the usb module (n0 semi-hosting). I tried following the online course guide, but i got no luck. So i have the following questions.

1) First of all, do i have to install a driver software?  Tera Term doesn't give me the option for a serial connection with my board ( i connect the board to my pc throught the j19 connector).

2) Do i have to include the code for the adc unit, in the new thread.c file, since that i have to create a new thread for the usb stack ?

3)What api calls do ia have to add? I've added open, read and close.

4) Is there a sample code that i can use, or the solutions for the 2020 course ?