S7G2 Display program E2Studio 7.80 SSP1.63 and E2Studio SSP2.4.0

I am trying Display Program in E2Studio 2022 SSP2.40 .  Previously using E2Studiio 7.80 SSP1.63.  In Configuration of PIN I find some differences,  I have old hardware and I cannot the pins,  What to do now.

in SSP1.60 P601 was allotted to WR_WR0_DQM0  and now in SSP2.40 it is WR_DQM .  Both are same ??

In SSP 1.60 P608 was allotted to A00_BC0_DQM1  and now in SSP2.4.0 it is BC_A_DQM00   Both are same ??