renesas synergy QSPI memory addressing


Currently on renesas synergy s7g2-sk board

I am checking the operation to the external memory with the QSPI sample "simple_QSPI_Example".

There is an unknown point in the operation of the sample, and the problem is

Writing is done at an unspecified address

I'm in trouble because I don't know the operation of the above one point.

For the problem, sample numbers are recorded at memory addresses 0x60000000, 0x61000000, 0x62000000, 0x63000000.

The BSP is from s7g2-sk and has not been changed.

The script is set according to the memory size.

The sample code is written in hal_entry.c

A sample code is shown below.

Could you please give me any advice?

Thank you.

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