GUIX: Put additional resources (languages, ...) on external memory

Hello everybody,

right now i am in a project, where we need to provide bride language support. Our idea is to store specific language data/fonts on sdcard when needed. On my understanding i have to decide generaly whether i use basic strings or guix string elements (like created by guix studio). 

What is the smartest way of doing it? Is it "practical" to generate guix text elements and than add more language information from external source later? If yes, how will i do that?

Thanks! Slight smile

  • Hi gabe. 

    I'll check on this with the team and get back to you. In the meantime, could you tell us about the device you are using?


  • Hi Jayesh,

    thank you for your answer! We use "R7FS7G27H2A01CBD" device in custom board (peripherals config. similar to the S7G2 DK board).

    I will try following:

    -create all necessary languages in guix without filling in secondary language text

    -import external text and fill information into auto generated guix arrays (in my case: "gui_recources.c" -> GX_CONST GX_STRING display_1_Spanish_string_table[448])

    for using external font data i have no idea right now. In worst case i think i need to go the standard guix way and use internal memory.

    Best regards


  • Hi gabe.

    Sorry for the delay. Is there any progress on this? Unfortunately, there exists no sample code that I could share with you for this implementation. Let me know if you've made any progress and if required, we can escalate this to a second team in order to assist you.