IAR IELFTOOL equivalent in E2Studio for postbuild CRC calculation ?


I'm trying to calculate postbuild CRC16 between two mark of my application (checksum_start and checksum_end). In order to add it in ielftool_checksum variable set from my linker. Ielftool from IAR work properly with this command :

ielftool --fill 0xFF;checksum_start-checksum_end+7 --checksum ielftool_checksum:2,crc16,0x0;checksum_start-checksum_end+7 --verbose %OUT% %OUT%

But now we are using E2Studio only and this kind of tool isn't present on it. There is an equivalent ?

I have tried to use S-record srec_cat but it's just working between a fixed adress range. Is it possible to use S-record to achieve this ?

Thanks you by advance.